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Caregiver Questions... ANSWERED


Caregiving is universal... at some time everyone’s life will be touched by it! Pre-pandemic research shows that over 53 million Americans, more than one in five adults, care for loved ones who are ill, elderly, disabled or special-needs children. Post-pandemic, that number has risen to one in three!

Caregiving is challenging... especially in this COVID‑19 era. Since the pandemic, 83% of caregivers report that juggling caregiving with other home, family and work responsibilities has increased their stress. Managing complex health issues and multiple medications with little or no training…and often no support, is complicated. Making important decisions can be confusing. Knowing where to turn for reliable help can be difficult.

Now caregivers can confidently turn to Help4Caregivers for trustworthy information and answers; solutions to their pressing problems, and support for themselves.

Help4Caregivers provides easy 24/7 access to hundreds of links, care-planning tools, videos, toll-free helplines, self-care advice, self-assessments, and downloadable action-plans. Each listing has been evaluated for quality, reliability, and its ability to address critical caregiver needs.

Problem-Solving & Self-Care Resources

Get the Facts

Curated, annotated & extensive listings of links to vital caregiving information and resources

Talk to Someone

Toll-free helplines and call-center advocates to ask for advice & answers to caregiving questions

Show Me How

Curated listing of informative “how-to” videos on providing care & practicing self-care

Answer COVID Questions

Pre-screened listing of toll-free helplines and links to trustworthy coronavirus information and guidance

Practice Self-Care

Proven, practical self-care practices that preserve caregiver health, well-being and capacity to care