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Keep up with some of the latest helpful information regarding caregiving from reliable sources.

3 Things Every Caregiver Needs

4/2/2022 12:00:00 AM

Caring for others is often deeply meaningful but it’s never easy. It can take a toll on body and mind, heart and soul, on finances, family and work life. Lessons I’ve learned over the years are the core of what I’ll share in this blog and in the resources on our Help4Caregivers program. Let’s start with one of the most basic facts about caregivers. There are 3 things that every caregiver needs.

Diagram of Three Unversal Caregiver Needs
  1. Practical, Problem-Solving Resources: Caregivers need information, skills, and resources to do the work of caregiving.

    • Links, references or referrals

    • Answers to questions and guidance on solving problems

    • Help with specific tasks or challenges

    • New skills required for effective functioning as a caregiver or in other roles

    • People who will provide hands-on help

  2. Positive Personal Energy: Caregivers need physical and emotional resilience to meet challenges they encounter on their journey. Necessary strength and stamina are developed by consciously choosing thoughts, attitudes, and actions that protect and restore vitality.

    • Meeting adversity with optimism

    • Protecting good health

    • Cultivating social support and spiritual practices

    • Avoiding stress-numbing behaviors

    • Prioritizing and regularly practicing healthy self-care

  3. Partners on the Path: Caregivers need to connect with care partners who will help them persevere throughout their caregiving journey and know that they are not alone.

    • Cultivating a supportive community which includes family, friends and fellow-caregivers; professionals, work colleagues, neighbors, and faith-community members

    • Actively seeking those who are compassionate, effective and reliable

    • Connecting with those who respond when asked for assistance

    • Avoiding toxic, negative, or overly critical

What about you?

To stay healthy and capable of meeting caregiving challenges, be sure to take care of your needs, not just those of others. Download our Meeting My Needs Action Plan for assistance.

If you find this helpful, talk with your employer or benefits manager to see how you can get access to the full suite of information and tools available from our Help4Caregivers program.

As you do so much for others, remember to take good care of yourself, too…Jane